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There are plenty of places to get Laminate Flooring** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** in Phoenix, AZ. But the best place to get laminate flooring is here in Build Direct. With many choices from 6mm, 12mm to 15mm thick laminates with premium padding to go along with the glue-less floating floor. All laminates are snap lock and come with high traffic guarantee. The best scratch resistant, and pet friendly floor like if you have dogs and cats, is our laminate floor. Dogs and cats have often have pee accidents, if you have carpet or any other type of floor covering even tile can absorb liquid accidents if your grout is not sealed. Our extensive Network works for you to get you the best product for all your needs.

Practically Maintenance Free


Stop wasting time or expensive repairs from scratches and dents.

When your walking on laminates, scratches and dents tend to go away if you have the right floor pads. There is nothing worse than having an expensive floor and watch it cost you hundreds because of scratches or dents. Maintenance is important, but the reality is, maintenance starts from down up. Don't get me wrong, cleaning products are important, but if you are not equipped with the right pads underneath furniture, accidents can and will happen. There are countless of pads out there but there is only one kind that will NOT allow furniture to scratch your floors. Even if your furniture is 1000 lbs, sliding now becomes easy and your heavy furniture becomes manageable and won't scratch floors.  With thousands of square feet in stock, at low prices, lamiante flooring has never been easier to obtain. Order free samples and get a contractor for your laminate flooring services in Phoenix Arizona.

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